Keyword Research

Keyword researchWe all know how important keyword research is – don’t we?

But do you really understand what is important to look for?

There are a number of free keyword research tools available, the Google one being the best known ( but what do all those numbers really mean?

Even once you’ve found ‘good’ keywords what do you do with them to maximise the SEO of your site?

If you would like the answer to any of these questions the all you have to do is ‘Just Ask jean’ :)

I am offering a number of services including:

  • finding good, profitable keywords that you can use immediately on your site.
  • teaching you how to use a very, powerful piece of low cost software so you can carry out the research yourself – and replicate it on any other sites you have.
  • Investigating your top competitors for ‘your’ keywords – and using their strategies to improve your rankings.
  • suggesting innovative ways to use keyword rich content that will immediately make you stand out from your competitors.

Here’s what some people who have used this service have to say:

Since taking advice from Jean about optimising my website in online searches I have significantly improved my representation in Google, Bing and other search engines.  The advice she gave me was cheap and easy to implement but has made a massive difference to the traffic through my website and has directly translated into 3-4 new clients per week.
Beth Rees

Jean has provided me with a targeted list of keywords that I can use to really get my online campaign up and running. She understood immediately what I wanted to do in my business and who I wanted to target and came up with the goods! As we corresponded about our assignment Jean also threw in another couple of nuggets of wisdom to help me on my way…highly recommend this service.

Sarah Rourke

I have just spent 1 hour on Skype with GuruJean (aka GuruBob of Thirty Day Challenge fame !). This has been for me the most productive hands on coaching from Jean Maund on how to set up an automated WP site for an old domain name that was lanquishing in my bottom drawer for over a year.

BUT even more of an eyeopener for me was that although I am familiar with Market Samurai.. Jean has a lot more knowledge on this amazing tool and with the advanced features of Skype where she was able to see what I was doing on my PC she helped me utilise Market Samurai to find relevant keywords for the site. It was so much easier to figure out what to do with Jean guiding and watching over my shoulder. So in all for just 2 hours of work.. I hour with GuruJean and I hour on my own.. I have a website with loads of automated content up and running  ready for me to add adsense and other affiliate products etc.. Not a bad effort !  Thanks Jean

Sunita Koshal

Would your business benefit from higher levels of targetted traffic to your site? Contact Jean to find out more (prices start at just £60 for a simple keyword research report)