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One size does not fit all when it comes to websites. If you are just starting out you may only need a domain name with a professional looking email address. Later on or when budget allows you may need a full e-commerce or membership site.

JustAskJean can cater for all of these options.

Take a look at the options below:

Extra Small

This is the starter package and at just £150 every business can afford to get an online presence. This will give you a domain name (subject to availability) and a holding page giving your contact details. We will also set up 2 email addresses e.g.



Same as per XS above but with  About and Contact pages as well as the home page. Choose from a range of templates. Fully editable by client.


Medium Size

This is the size that suits most small businesses that don't want to sell from their site but want to inform their customers. This package includes all the domain and hosting advantages of the previous packages but with the added advantage of extra content and the ability to add a blog.

This website will be customised to match your logo, corporate colours etc.

view an example here




A more complex site which includes a simple shopping cart with all of the features previously mentioned. Suitable for a small number of products for example e-books, audio downloads etc.
This would also suit a company that requires lots of content and/or a more graphically rich content.

View an example here



Extra Large

An e-commerce or membership site. Suitable for a small business that wants to sell online or have a membership site to generate revenue.

The first 5 products or levels are included with this package and full training on updating the site.

It includes full integration with Paypal or Google Checkout.

View an example here



Note: All sites (except the Small option) include * Free Domain Name
* Free Hosting for 6 months
* 3 Free Email Addresses
* SEO Optimisation
* Full CMS System

liz wilde

“I used to dread dealing with my website until I met Jean. She makes the whole process so much more enjoyable. She explains everything very simply and never makes me feel out of my depth – even though I’m a total technophobe. She’s also very enthusiastic and full of great ideas and clever resources. If she can cure my fear of technology, she can cure anyone’s!”

Liz Wilde, Life Coach

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