Does one of these describe you?

You need to make improvements to your website but you know it will just take too long?

You've been on courses to learn how to improve your site but you're not really sure where to begin.

You want to give your website an overhaul but you're fed-up of how long it can take.

You want to turn your expertise into digital products but aren't sure how to do it.

You know you should capture leads on your website using a free download but don't have the skills to set it up.

If yes, then I have the answer... you need to book on to one of my Massive Action Days

Read Jenny’s Story Now To See How One “Massive Action” Day Completely Transformed Her Business

Jenny called me for a Massive Action Day because she needed help getting control of her business and putting tricky technical things in place.

In just six hours, we had done more than she thought she’d be able to accomplish that year. Take a moment to read her story and see what might be possible for you, too.

Now, she would be the first to admit that she’s not very technical, she runs a highly successful online business but doesn’t know her DNS from her API’s !

After paying for a number of courses on digital marketing but getting nowhere because she couldn't implement the systems, Jenny was frustrated.

Jenny's business was running using at least four different pieces of online software! She had Mailchimp for her autoresponder emails, Paypal for her payments, Infusionsoft to organise her contacts and Go To Webinar for, well, webinars.

 It was all over the shop.

Which resulted in Jenny having to work an additional two hours per day, just to manually perform tasks between the programs, which should have all been on automatic.

Two hours per day… wasted!

That’s 10 hours per week, 40 hours per month… which she could easily save!

So, here’s what we did… !

Jenny joined me at a lovely hotel here in Solihull where we'd booked a day where we could work side-by-side.

The aim was simple, I was going to work my magic, and help organise Jenny's crumbling structure, enabling her to manage and automate as much of her process as possible.

I wanted her to STOP wasting two hours per day and save her a shed load of time each week.

But most importantly, I wanted her to have the structure in place which has been holding her back from scaling and growing her business.

So, how did we get on?

We took a seat and I powered up the computer, we ordered two cups of fresh steaming hot latte, and we got to work…

I got stuck in, constantly asking her questions,

"What would you really love to be able to do but don't know how?"

“What do you use this for?”

“What’s your log-in details for this?”

“Would it be easier if you did it this way?”

In a few hours, I had pulled all of Jenny's email data, and pre-scheduled emails from Mailchimp and set them up into infusionsoft, I had also integrated Paypal with infusionsoft, And on top of that had a one click registration to GoToWebinar that automatically linked in to Infusionsoft. Which now means that Jenny can manage her whole business from one program.

No jumping around online, wasting valuable time.

Jenny was mightily impressed.

But it was only 2.30pm…

So, Jenny then asked if I could help her set up and launch a new Wordpress website.

Sure, we bought a domain, purchased some hosting and installed Wordpress, and within 30 minutes, we had a brand new website up and live!

We then set up her emails to work through her mail program on her computer, and I helped her with some other technical mishaps and head-aches that were holding her business back.

Jenny was on the road by 4pm, and in the time we had spent together, I had pulled her flailing online business structure, into one place, allowing her to take control and grow her business.

In other words, we finally ticked off a whole load of items from Jenny's to-do list. And she felt much more in control.

Not in exactly the same situation?

I get it, you may not have exactly the same situation as Jenny but that's the beauty of the Massive Action Day. I tailor it completely to your needs. Watch the videos below to see what else we could cover in a day.

From a blank website to one I could make live now...The Massive Action Day was exactly what it says on the tin!

Claire McTernan

If you want to move forward in your business then book a day with Jean...

Tom Mallens

Didn't think so much was possible in one day...

Sue Terry

I've been on so many courses but the problem has always been implementing - that's what we did today. Got things done!

Jill Roberts

I’d love to show you how you can utilise its full power by building a personal online brand to expand your business, bring you more leads, more customers and ultimately higher profits as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Since 2008 I’ve helped hundreds of small businesses to improve their websites, online marketing and also getting to grips with social media.

Here's how I can help you...

 Massive Action Days

One Full Day

No Interruptions

Expert Advice


We’ll book a day in our diaries and we’ll get together to spend a full, no-interruptions, day working side-by-side to take that technical weight off your shoulders and making your business easier to manage and maintain control.

We’ll have a 1 hour Skype consultation before hand, work out how we can utilise our time together to the best effect and discuss the desired end result, we’ll then spend our full day, taking ‘Massive Action’.

And you'll also get 1 x 1 hr follow up call to make sure that nothing is standing in your way of taking the action we agreed on. 

For my ‘MA Days’ - I usually charge £1500 for the consultation and full-day booking


For the next 5 people to book their day with me, I’m going to offer you a HUGE  discount, which makes your investment only £995.

But you have to be quick, as these places will be snapped up fast.

Look at it this way, I saved Jenny two hours per day, spread that over 12 months and that’s 480 hours.

Does Jenny really value her working time at less than £2 per hour? I don’t think so.

Since these are one-to-one sessions, places are extremely limited. I simply don't have space in my diary for any more full days!

There are only 5 spots available

Clicking on the Apply Now button will take you to my scheduler where you can book in your no obligation 30 mins consultation to see how I can help you.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If at the end of our day together, you don't feel that you are more in control of your online business, just let me know and I'll issue a prompt refund.

See what other happy clients say about working with me:

​Changed the face of my business...

Anna Pinkerton

.Jean's support has given me confidence and helped me identify the future direction of the next stages of marketing my business on-line.

Liz Leigh

"Perfect blend of business, technical and marketing know-how..."

"If you are trying to negotiate your way around selling online, you need Jean on your side. Jean has a perfect blend of business, technical and marketing know-how, balanced with a built in ability to translate & simplify that sees even the most tiresome technology tamed and understood! I highly recommend her."

Kerry Ann Orr

"I Feel Empowered..."

"I would describe myself as a “technophobe” but Jean has worked with me to change this. Jean has coached me to integrate my mailchimp autoresponder with paypal and a shopping cart on my website. She worked with me on-line, coaching me step by step through the process, patiently answering my questions and empowering me to have an “I can do this “ attitude. Her calm mentoring, helped to allay my “technical anxieties”. The result has been that I have been able to confidently replicate the process to upload new products to my website. I feel empowered now to work on the dashboard of my website by myself using the skills and confidence that Jean has helped me to build"

Maria Furtek

"I have worked with Jean over the past 3-4 years. Jean has helped me to find solutions to my problems by asking and guiding me rather than telling me what I should or shouldn’t do. Jean is an excellent listener and this has also helped me to explore my problems without feeling rushed or judged’

Andy Knibbs

Clicking on the Apply Now button will take you to my scheduler where you can book in your no obligation 30 mins consultation to see how I can help you.

Not sure if a MA day is for you?

You may be thinking to yourself,

"Is this really for me? 

As part of the process, we will have an initial consultation via Skype to map out the results you want. I'll be completely honest with you on that call and, if I don't feel I can help you, I will let you know. If we are a good fit for each other we'll book the day then. There's no obligation on your part until the day is booked. It's that simple. I am only interested in working with people I feel I can genuinely help.


"I don't want to be forced to spend money on xyz​ software. " -

Trust me I'm with you on this one. I don't like spending money unnecessarily. I certainly won't recommend spending money when there is a cheaper or even free alternative. But, the truth is that as with any business, you may need to spend a little  to make things a lot better.


I'm just starting out, will a MA Day benefit me?

In order for me to be of most benefit to you, your business will need to have some sort of online presence and you will need a clear idea of your vision for the business. If that describes you then, yes, I'd love to help you.


I don't want to travel to Solihull, are there other ways to do this?

What's wrong with Solihull?? Seriously, I do think it's best if we are sat side by side but Skype is an option that has worked for some people. We keep Skype on all day and just check in when we need to. Alternatively I may be able to travel to you depending on my schedule, subject to additional expense charges. Contact me if that's something you would like to explore.​


I'd love to do this but I won't be ready until later in the year. Can I book now and take my day later?

Absolutely. You have up to 6 months to book your day with me once you've reserved it.

Clicking on the Apply Now button will take you to my scheduler where you can book in your no obligation 30 mins consultation to see how I can help you.

I'm very much looking forward to working with you.

P.S.: Remember I only have 5 dates available at this highly reduced price of £995 so book now to secure your place.